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  1. Hexidecimal

    Emulators For PocketPC

    I'm looking at buying a Audiovox XV6600 Pocket PC/Cellphone after christmas. Here is a link to the specs. I'm interested in seeing if anyone has had experience with this phone in general, and also if anyone has tried any of the emulators for pocketpc/windows mobile and what their results are...
  2. Hexidecimal


    With the release of the newest "iPod Killer" merely a week away, I think it's time to stir the shit and see what kinds of debates pop up about the Zune. I personally am in favor of it. I've been following it semi-closely, and looking at all the reviews and pics etc. These have been the best in...
  3. Hexidecimal

    Wii Coverage Gives you the step by step on the japanese conference. US Conference is in about 6 hours here in New York to verify all US launch details. Figured this is the place to chat about it before we see a million threads...
  4. Hexidecimal

    Top Bar

    What happened to the top bar that shows your avatar, as well as the posts since last vist and new threads since last visit. It made things much easier to navigate and see what was new. Is it just me who isn't seeing it anymore, or has it been remove, and will it be coming back any time soon?
  5. Hexidecimal

    My New Car

    Sorry for the crappy quality. 70,000 miles, 4x4, CD Player, Power everything, cruise. Love.
  6. Hexidecimal


    I'm not sure if anyone here is going to find this interesting or not, but it's technology related so I'm going to post my results. At work we have an iMac, I've been playing with and enjoying OS X for the most part and had toyed with the idea of getting a cheap iMac on ebay. I decided not to...
  7. Hexidecimal

    Welcome to Boot Camp Holy god in heaven, I never thought I'd see the day Apple would openly support the installing of Windows on a Macintosh computer. Here's to praying they start to offer a reversal of this and allow me to dual boot OS X and XP SP2 on my Windows Rig.
  8. Hexidecimal

    1337 Posts!

    I hadn't checked posts yesterday so i came back on today to see what was up and was greeted with this. :matrix: :P
  9. Hexidecimal

    UT2k4 Map

    This is more or less a beta build of a map that I am working on. I play tested it with a buddy of mine last night. I like UnrealED, I'm just learning it today and yesterday, Nice program, this took me about 3 hours total. It needs a bit of tweaking, but I think it's pretty balanced, I'm hoping...
  10. Hexidecimal

    Post Pics of Your Rig

    I can't remember if theres one of these threads already or not, but i wanted to post some pics of my new WIP rig so here we go. AMD 64 3700, 1 gig corsair xms platinum @ 2-3-3-6, ASUS-A8N SLI Premium Mobo, and to top it all of, ATI 9250 PCI. Heh, Until next week when my buddy is letting me...
  11. Hexidecimal

    Kojima Says..

    MGS 4 Demo could have been run in real time on XBOX 360. (<--- Linky) So, seems that Kojima thinks that the power is there. Does this mean that Metal Gear is on the horizon for the 360? Who knows.
  12. Hexidecimal

    Replacing an XBOX DVD Drive

    So I happened into an XBOX, free. It came with KotOR, KotOR II, Jade Empire, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, and Fable. Plus the hookups and one Controler S. My buddy didn't use it, and he said it wasn't playing a game he had. I took it considering it was playing KotOR and KotOR II, and I...
  13. Hexidecimal

    Revolution Control Revealed! Neat. My first reaction was UGH, and then after I read the artcile the neat set in. It's an awesome Idea, I like the thoughts of it if for nothing else the way gameplay can be innovated with it. FPS alone now is enough reason to pick this up...
  14. Hexidecimal

    TV Tuner Card Help

    I recently bought a Hauppauge WinTV PVR PCI II TV Tuner card. As I have cable in my room, and a TV, I don't need to watch TV through it. I simply want to run my PSX and my Saturn through the RCA Jacks on the back, and play the games on my monitor. I've tried these softwares: BeyondTV GB-PVR...
  15. Hexidecimal

    Updating My Game Collection

    I've been getting pretty decent paychecks lately, and since I'm living at home for college, I have some money to burn, but I've also picked up some CHOICE freebies lately, and I thought I'd take a boring second to, show you guys what i've picked up lately. :P I picked up 6 PS2 titles...
  16. Hexidecimal

    Dreamcast Um.. Dead?

    So I have this problem. I have a dreamcast, actually 2 dreamcasts now, but we'll get to that in a minute. A few weeks ago, I bought new controls for my dreamcast, liscensed SEGA controls, from the same second hand video game shop I bought a lot of other quality merchendise at. I bring them...
  17. Hexidecimal

    XFIRE for Linux

    Kind of. This site is writing an XFIRE plugin for GAIM. Which I would love to take a stab at using, but sadly my source wont compile for some reason, also I have no clue where linux is hiding gaim, because it isnt in /usr/local/bin like it should be so I can't find...
  18. Hexidecimal

    Taking The Plunge

    Wish me luck folks, I'm diving in, I'm turning my system to Fedora Core 4 only. We'll see how long it lasts, I've tested it the past couple days, all the windows games I want to play work, all the stuff I need for the local lan party work, all my daily stuff and hardware is supported, and all my...
  19. Hexidecimal

    Today's Gaming Deal

    Last night for me was Graduation night, and afterwards, I stopped off at my buddy's place to pick something up, (A poster of the new cards from Saviors of Kamigawa block for Magic The Gathering) and as I was leaving I saw 4 nintendo control decks sitting on a cabinet in his hallway, aksing if he...
  20. Hexidecimal

    Pc Ddr

    I know there's a version of Dance Dance Revolution, or a clone of it, that allows you to import the official songs, and play on your PC, but I don't remember what it's called, can anyone help me out?