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    Question About Mario Tennis 64

    Does it work with the latest Project 64 beta? I mean without any graphical errors. If it does, I will be willing to donate just like that. I sold my n64, because I had a gamecube, and I thought I could play all of the games using an emulator.
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    CDZ Image Mounter?

    Is there a CDZ Image mounter? You know, the compressed image format that pSX uses? Is it possible that someone could make one? It would be great to be able to play Saturn/PC/PSX games in a compressed image on any emulator.
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    Emulator Front-End with 7z Support

    Is there one? I would like to have the full goodset, but without the clutter. Thanks.
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    SSF 0.7 Beta Released! Can someone translate the changes?
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    FCE UltraGC 1.06 Released!!

    Finally, a good NES emulator for the Gamecube!
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    Need Help with Javascript

    I am making a custom homepage, and I want to know how to make it show a new comic for the day. The image for today is called 050902.gif. Tommarows, 050903.gif. Is there a way to have the computer load todays image everyday? I'm pretty sure this would involve using javascript, but I am not...