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  1. dolqube

    No audio plugin written in fasm

    i coded a no audio plugin based on zilmars no_audio but it doesn't work here is the source if anyone can fix it trust me, i coded it in 15 mins and it has loads of bugs lol
  2. dolqube

    Winphin Christmas Surprise

    I know its been a long time since everyone has seen me. Life has been tough lately (with school and stuff). I am here to update a status report. Winphin is a gamecube emulator I started from scratch. Graphics Emulation is pretty good (better than gcube)but still not as good as Dolphin. The...
  3. dolqube

    i hate requesting things but gfx emulation incomplete

    im coding a new version of gcube but gfx emulation is very incomplete... i noticed that the dolphin team gave the dolwin team the source to their graphics plugin a while back... can anyone from the team (or anyone who can help) give me some docs or source code for the gfx emulation... thanks...
  4. dolqube

    Here Is Beta 1 Of My New Gcube

    Interpreter ver of my emu (without cygwin to increase speed)
  5. dolqube

    Back With My Progress

    As i learned that a static(ish) recompiler (like cxbx) was basically impossible. I have made some progress with a dynaric (i cant spell for my life). But the thing about this one is that it is a 64 bit version. (hint amd) (hopefully a 5-10 precent speed boost based on the difference in opcodes)...