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  1. Eagle

    I survived Rita.

    She was all bark and no bite.
  2. Eagle

    The Worst Disaster

    Taken out of context, but never the less absolutely hillarious and so true.
  3. Eagle

    Second Annual Miss Emutalk Nominations

    For those of you who remember, last year Miho Yoshioka had a narrow victory over Elin Grindemyr. Its now time for Miho to hand her crown to the next Miss Emutalk. Any female celebrity is eligible except Miho (who will be eligible next year) and of course tubgirl (because I dont want to look at...
  4. Eagle

    Keyboard of the gods...

    I thought my Zboard was cool, and it is for today's technology. But look at whats to come in the near future. The Optimus uses mini LCD monitors on every key to display exactly what it controls at the precise moment.
  5. Eagle


    This website just reaffirms my dislike of conservative ideolagy.
  6. Eagle

    A new meaning to fish stories... I caught a fish and it was this big... *holds arms out as wide as they will go Yeah sure you did honey.. No really, here is a picture.
  7. Eagle

    Monitor Hunt

    Alright, I cant afford it yet but I'm thinking ahead. I've never bought an LCD monitor before, whats a good response time for a gaming system? I've heard 16ms is too high, so 12ms? 8ms? Anything else to look for specifically?
  8. Eagle

    New PC Time x3

    Thats right, its finally my turn. Here is what I have so far. Case Chenbro Gaming Bomb Motherboard ASUS A8N-E Processor/Memory AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.0GHz Patriot 1GB 184-Pin Unbuffered DDR 400 Drives NEC DVD Optical Drive Maxtor 250GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache Serial...
  9. Eagle

    Pope John Paul II

    I'm not catholic, but never the less he was a great man.
  10. Eagle

    Now thats a shitty way to die!
  11. Eagle

    Half-Life 2/CSS/Steam Friends List

    Well i now have HL2/CSS so if anyone out there also has it, add me to your friends list. Name: Alshain_B
  12. Eagle

    Final Fantasy Creator Teams Up with Microsoft Looks like Hironobu Sakaguchi is joining the enemy. Its a shame though that one bad movie causes a great mind like that to turn tail and run. Never fear though, Sakaguchi lost all rights to the Final Fantasy name when he left Square...
  13. Eagle

    Holy Shit!

    I was driving my Dad to work (he works at KLTV) and some maniac pulls out a semi automatic behind the fucking courthouse and starts blasting at the fricken wall!!! Jesus, I'm still shaking. I jumped out of my car in the middle of the street and hit the dirt.
  14. Eagle

    Be carefull buying games

    OK, so heres the story. My brother bought me HL2 for my birthday today. Now we all know Steam has a strict actvation policy for this game. Well I broke the seal and opened the game and the CD's were all in disarray. Some of them were half out of their sleeves and one of them was completely...
  15. Eagle

    Thunderbird flies into the lead while shocking the competion

    And yet some still feel it will fail.
  16. Eagle

    How to piss off your neigbors...

    How to piss off your neighbors... :ranting:
  17. Eagle

    Time to update

    I posted this in a thread in TechTalk but here is a warning to everyone, update your Microsoft products now. Apparently the announcement sent all the hackers out looking for ways to break through the vulnerabilities...
  18. Eagle

    IBM, Sony, and Toshiba release info about a new processor. This is awesome! This processor can perform 10 computations simoultaniously (where as current processors can only do one at a time). I can't wait to get one of these puppies.
  19. Eagle

    SATA Compatibility

    I'm thinking of upgrading, but my hard drive is fairly new. Unfortunately it is a ATA IDE. My question is, can my ATA IDE drive be used on a SATA IDE port? If I upgrade I would like to "plan ahead" and get SATA on the motherboard but I don't want to just toss away my other hard drive right now.
  20. Eagle

    I think I want to be a firefighter...;jsessionid=BQV2PRYWEDRI0CRBAE0CFEY?type=oddlyEnoughNews&storyID=7530025