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  1. dave_luther

    Bro, do you even lift? (about exercise)

    Same here! Got into training in a massive way. I joined here over 20 years ago and I was a massive recluse. I was obsessed with emulation and playing RPGs especially... Then I guess I made some friends who were kind of into the gym and for the last 18 years I've been training... although this...
  2. dave_luther

    need help - genesis/megadrive emulator

    i need a genesis emulator which supports removing different layers of graphics, genecyst supported this, but genecyst cannot be run on windows xp, does anyone know of one which does this, unfortunately gens does not seem to support it.
  3. dave_luther

    how to write an essay

    this has to be the greatest essay ever written. Apparently it is genuine by a guy who got high before writing it Page1 Page2 Page3 Page4 Page5 Page6 Page7
  4. dave_luther

    a dedication

    tommorrow digitiser ends, a great teletext service to all uk tv owners which told me many good megadrive cheats, gave very good off the wall humor and was something fun to read. it was especially helpful in the pre-my owning a pc days. its gonna be sad when it goes so id just like to dedicate...
  5. dave_luther

    Streets of Rage 4

    :cry: :cry: :angry: looked good, probably would have been a hit, sega stupid as usual
  6. dave_luther

    Free Multiplayer RPGs

    Hi, i just wondered if there were any good free multiplayer RPGS, i have a list below, please add to it
  7. dave_luther


    heard it emulates a commercial game, which one?
  8. dave_luther

    I was just wondering

    How does mario, a brooklyn plumber end up in a such a strange world, or is he hallucenating?
  9. dave_luther

    Iss 2000 [e]

    when i start a game in ISS 2000, theres a graphic access violation error, how to get past this? plz help
  10. dave_luther

    Gameshark code required plz help!

    I wondered if there is a code to delete all your equipment in OOT, i really need it. please help!
  11. dave_luther

    Zelda MM black screen?

    I just started playing Zelda MM with PJ 1.4 but when daytime comes, the bells ring and the screen goes black, i have the good usa rom and am using an athlon 1200 with geforce 2 MX, 256 mb ram