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  1. arnalion

    Where do I change my password?

    Seriously where do I change my password? I must be getting blind because I can't find it. -_-'
  2. arnalion

    Nintendo Wii sells like zomg

    People have estimately (at the moment) bought 380'000 units since its release at midnight in NA today. :D Nexgen Wars
  3. arnalion

    Windows Vista performance comprehension Vista lost big in gaming performance
  4. arnalion

    Eurovision song contest

    Well... congrats Finland :D Go go go hard rock
  5. arnalion

    Windows Vista System Requirements

    Windows Vista will come in two versions, one core version and one premium. I don't know if this is the recommended specs or if it's minimum. Well look at the specs and double/tripple it (usually works with everything :P) then will you probably be able to run it a little smooth. Core version: *...
  6. arnalion

    Nintendo Revolution name revealed (official)

    Nintendo has announced the new name of the Revolution. The new name will be Nintendo Wii (as in we)
  7. arnalion

    Co-Op multiplayer game to gamecube?

    Can anyone suggest a fun Co-Op multiplayer game to me for gamcube? Do there exists any?
  8. arnalion

    Gamecube mods?

    No one here that knows a site with gamecube mods (case mods, btw)?
  9. arnalion

    Gilde64 0.8 Problems

    I tried the latest version of Glide64 (0.8) and the games was a little buggy. I thought it looked like a fog problem so i turned it of and it looked okay. I also tried Glide64 0.7 SP8 and the bug was not there. The first picture is with 0.8 and the second is with 0.7 SP8. The Nintendo logo in...
  10. arnalion

    Need help with rom browser

    The rom browser is very buggy... this happends when direct64 crashes, and i can't fix it. I've tried to refresh and turn the browser off and on but that doesn't help. I can't get the roms to pop up
  11. arnalion

    Need help with Zelda OoT

    Look at this I'm in the water temple and i'm trying to hit that stone shit with my longshot but i can't hit it, am going crazy. I've tried to hit it from diffrent spots but i can't hit it. I got to options, i aim to low or i aim to high i can't hit in the middle. So how will i be able to hit...
  12. arnalion

    Ati's new z-buffer mode

    Hi any programmer who reads this. I wonder if it's possible to program or modify a graphic plugin to use Ati's new z-buffer mode (Hierarchical Z)? Because the old graphic plugins ain't doing so well (they ain't working at all). The plugins that would have been good to modify would have been...
  13. arnalion

    Ati Radeon problems?

    Look at the Ati.jpg file