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  1. Raging Fuel

    N64: Yoshi's Story

    <center><a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a></center> Warning: Previous to writing this review I was subject to ridiculous amounts of Yoshi's Story. Read at your own risk...
  2. Raging Fuel

    N64: Pokemon Stadium

    <center><a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a></center> The world of Pokemon has taken the world completely by storm. Way back in '95 the first two games (Pokemon Red and...
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    N64: Paper Mario

    <center><a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a></center> Right from the start, Paper Mario has got the disadvantage that it’s a cute looking game. Most people would dismiss it straight away...
  4. Raging Fuel

    N64: Mario Tennis

    <center><a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a></center> I think an interesting statistic would be: how many people laughed when they first heard Mario would be starring in a...
  5. Raging Fuel

    Penny Arcade Censored

    Read the latest Penny Arcade. The American Greetings Corporation for some reason decided that a comic PA did a few days ago to infringe on some trademark (PA didn't specify what for legal reasons I guess). Any PA fan that has a problem with this should email [email protected] and there...
  6. Raging Fuel

    Mario in Playboy

    I'm pretty sure that title scared most of you, but don't worry he's not posing nude. Just an ad that shows Nintendo are definately aiming for older gamers. Cube-Europe story Edit: fixed URL
  7. Raging Fuel

    Audio codecs

    I have a divx file. The sound is encoded in WMA v2, but I can't find the codec for it anywhere. The video is fine, there is just no sound. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I'm writing this from the airport. In about one hour I will be in the plane for Hong Kong, so see you all in about 10 days. BTW If anyone sees this withing the next 12 minutes (how long I have left on this comp) please post a link to the User CP, this browser doesn't seen to show it properly.
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    <f*elman> i masterbate too much Nuff said.
  10. Raging Fuel

    Star Wars Galaxies

    The upcoming PC game Star Wars Galaxies, is now also an upcoming PS2 and Xbox game. What about GC?
  11. Raging Fuel

    Rare to go 3rd-party?

    There's a lot to talk about as we head directly into the big E3 2002 show, of course, which is why I've been called back by the ambiguously homosexual duo to write one of these dog-slapping Rumor Reports. But I'm going to keep it short and sweet -- and focus my time, your energy, on one of our...
  12. Raging Fuel

    Let's play hungry hungry hippos

    I'm bored. So I decided to ask this. Does anyone know what song the line in my sig comes from? (No, not the part about the GameCube pre-order, or about me being part of emutalk, the other bit). :P
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    What are you listening to right now?

    As the title says. This can be a place where you can just post what song (cd, mp3, whatever) you are listening too. One rule, don't critise others music tastes. If you don't like a song, keep it to yourself. No one wants to hear it. Let's see if this can other take the babe thread ;) Repeat -...
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    Were they drunk?

    [20:53] <DuDe__> hmmm... i quote: "* DK|TIRED looks strangely at nemulate" [20:53] <DK|TIRED> ok... [20:53] <DK|TIRED> i admit it [20:53] <nem|work> no! [20:53] <DK|TIRED> but.. [20:53] <nem|work> It's a lie! [20:53] <DK|TIRED> it was only once.. [20:53] <DK|TIRED> well.. [20:53] <DK|TIRED>...
  15. Raging Fuel

    Paper Mario

    From the diary of the mighty Bowser.