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  1. CpU MasteR


    So you're still working for IKEA I take it? :D
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    This thread does not need an introduction...

    I was shocked to find this, and I thought this would never be possible. (If this was posted before, let me know...) Click here... to be WOWed.
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    2fast4u wins custom vinyl contest for Need for Speed Underground 2?

    I was wondering around the official Need for Speed Underground 2 website to get more information about the game, and I came across a poll that said, "Which contest winner's vinyl are you going to use?" I clicked the link and it contained this page. Which to who woulda' thunk it, 2fast4u won a...
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    The ever popular Emu64Fan nickname...

    We love our n00bs :gunman: - Emu64fan: have anyone heard anything about dolphin CpUMasteR: no Emu64fan: I will become crazy CpUMasteR: Why? It doesnt even play commercial games correctly yet.. Emu64fan: because the author wont relase it CpUMasteR: Dude, get out of the house.. Emu64fan: And I...
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    Doomulation and MightyRocket, Lovers Together at last!

    2 Spammers fall in love! <08:14AM> <CpUMasteR> Doom is a girl stuck inside a guys body :P <08:14AM> <blight> lol CpUMasteR <08:14AM> <Dooooooom> i go hunt guys :D <08:15AM> <CpUMasteR> ... :| <08:15AM> <Dooooooom> come here, cpuie, sweetie! <08:15AM> <blight> lol <08:15AM> <Plisco|> ...
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    PCSX2 Runs the PS2 BIOS!!! (WIP)

    See for yourself... also... EDIT: NGEmu is down. :happy:
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    VRML Exporting.

    ALRIGHT! I have attempted to dump some VRML files from some games, I enable VRML exporting. I just a question. Where does it dump it to? Thanks.
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    Glide 64/ Evoodoo Problem

    I see your laptop has a S3 Graphics Chipshit, that is your problem.
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    Having a Bad day...

    Isnt this a Bitch... :getlost:
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    Fred (Mr.) Rodgers Dies at the Age of 74 :(

    Hello Neighbor :cry: Click Here
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    WWF No Mercy Shots From Glide64 v0.31 WIP

    I felt like posting pics on WWF No Mercy, Gonetz did a Bang up job with a new combine for the wreslters, & it looks great! (Even on eVoodoo) :) (Note: Its Running Slow because I am running the log because it runs so fast ;) ) 1
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    INI Changes....

    NFL Quarterback Club 98 Boots...
  13. CpU MasteR

    Board Problems :S

    This has been going on for some time, but I always ignored it. but now it is getting to be an issue... :cry:
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    Glide64 0.3 Released! :happy:
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    Its 1:00AM... Can't Sleep... Dont Ask... I have been observing television programming for a while ever sence my stupid cable TV provider decided to clean up their channels... I have been watching all the unusual channels we have. I surf threw atleast 70 channels & I find nothing to watch...
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    MAME 0.62 Screens...

    A Few ScreenShots I Took Of Crusin World, a Newly Supported Game (Not to Mention Crusin USA) in this Version of MAME... But it runs Really Slow ??? 2000+ GHz CPU Recommended :P Here are a Few Screenies... 2 3 4 5 6, Last one for now...
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    Bring Back the Black Theme For Emutalk...

    Too Bright!!! ???
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    Lemmy Quits the Nemu Team?

    Lemmy Quits the Nemu Team :( Lemmy Left the Team :(
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    an Aritcle on Perfect Emulation...

    I was surfing around NGEmu & I found a Aricle by Lord Kane. The article is called "Can we ever have perfect Emulation?". I thought It was interesting on how most people complain about emulation... Article is Located here... & i want you to post what you thought about it..
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    Happy Birthday Azimer!

    Everyone, Lets wish Azimer a Happy brithday... He is 23 years of age today... Happy Birthday Azimer! :cool: