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  1. Teamz

    want to write an emu?

    if you know C/C++ and you want to write your first emulator, message me and we will discuss about it I already started a project but I'm tired of coding alone, so I'm looking for a patient, motivated and dedicated person to code with me thks
  2. Teamz

    Dolwin 0.07 or
  3. Teamz

    Dolwin 0.06

    * 0.06 - added some FPU opcodes, FreeLoader should work. - debugger callstack was fixed (bug since 0.05) - debugger now can save output to text file, for further explorations - slight workaround on disassembler. - decrementer exception emulation (now async only) - strongly optimized...
  4. Teamz

    Need help with ComboBox

    VC++ WIN32 API hDlgItem = GetDlgItem(hwnd, IDC_CONFIG_COMBODEVICES); SendMessage(hDlgItem, CB_ADDSTRING, 0, (LPARAM)"test"); when I click on the Combo box I can't see no items at all if I use CB_GETCOUNT it returns 1 so the item is actually in the list item anyone has a suggestion?
  5. Teamz

    Need help with VB.NET + Direct3D

    ok I'm trying to load a mesh from a .x file but it returns an exception and I really dunno why, the exception occurs when this method is called : mesh.FromFile("BM-TOU-08.x", MeshFlags.SystemMemory, device, materials) btw, the exception string is E_FAIL :ermm:
  6. Teamz

    Question about 2D rendering

    ok I have a window application with cpu emulation implemented, now I need some advice for displaying 2D graphics what API should I use ? what are the main structures and methods that I need to use I need programming advices, not technical infos plz
  7. Teamz

    help with radeon 9000

    I just bought a radeon 9000 pro 128megs and when I put the resolution to 1024x768 it doesnt fit to the screen I have to move on the desktop with the mouse to see what doesnt fit does any1 know how to fix this? btw I have the latest drivers from ati
  8. Teamz

    Suggestion for newbies

    I don't know if it's a good idea but here it is : maybe you could add some questions after the rules when people register and if they don't have the right answers they have to do it again, SIMPLE questions but just to make sure that they have read the rules exemple : Question 1 a) you can...
  9. Teamz

    Against spam ..

    I know it has already been suggested before but I still think the post count should be removed from our profiles
  10. Teamz

    need help with vc++ debugger

    Whenever I GoTo cursor with the debugger it displays the disassembly window but I just wanna do a step by step debugging in my code, no disassembly so does any1 know if there's is an option to turn OFF or something?
  11. Teamz


    I was curious and I'd like to know when did he joined the team and he is someone covered like cooldaedalus? :P
  12. Teamz

    bootable cd

    How exactly do you create a bootable cd? I got a copy of winxp wich is not bootable. I created a .bin with all the files on this non-bootable cd. Now I got CDRWIN, but I dont now how do create it. any1 knows?
  13. Teamz

    Winamp 3 %$$" nice

    go download it and get rid of media player
  14. Teamz

    Error on the website

    whenever I click on Nintendo 64 emulation the sub-menus show off :
  15. Teamz

    Problem rebooting

    When I try to reboot it get stuck at "Saving your settings" WinXP All updates installed 256 megs of ram Anyone ever encountered this problem or know how to fix it?
  16. Teamz

    It will be hard to emulate the GC!

    "Even with over 5 hours of compressed video (they are using their own codec for compression) Eternal Darkness will still be able to fit on one GameCube disc." They are already using private algorithms, people will have some fun reversing this hehe :plain:
  17. Teamz

    inactive members

    would that be useful to have a little script wich delete members after X days of inactivity?
  18. Teamz

    How to : reverse engineer?

    How exactly is the process of reverse engineering both hardware and software? What kind of knowledge does it require? Does anyone have URL about the subjet? thx
  19. Teamz

    Olympic hockey

    Congrats to Canada's hockey teams for the 2 gold medals! :P
  20. Teamz


    Is it possible to make a little script that would change the logo daily or something like that?