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  1. nick_danger

    N64 Adaptoid saves

    HELP! I deeply apologize for resurrecting this thread, but I am at my wit's end. I have been away from emulation in a long time (as you might notice from the date of my last post) and I want to transfer my N64 Wrestlemania 2000 custom superstars from my N64 to my PC. I have copied the save...
  2. nick_danger

    Multiple Adaptoids?

    I'm not able to get the Adaptoid plugin to notice both controllers, but the RageNput 8.whatever will recognize them. Fix?
  3. nick_danger

    DX6 vs DX7 vs OGL

    As you can see below, I have a GeForce 256 64MB DDR graphics card. To my knowledge it only natively supports DirectX6 optimizations, does that mean if I use Jabo's D3D7 plugin that my CPU will have to do all the extra work? Mostly all my ROMs work using either one, but some - like No Mercy...
  4. nick_danger

    Is it possible to increase FPS without increasing game speed?

    This question could be directed at any emulator, but I'm curious as to why when I uncheck "limit fps" that a 150fps rate must equal 3X the game speed unlike PC games. I understand that PC games are different than N64 ROMs, but when using PC rendering methods, wouldn't the "PC rules" apply? Thanks.
  5. nick_danger

    My Project64 pics

    These were all taken in 1024x784x32 with 4XAA and 2XAF. I scaled the PD pics down to 800x600 and compressed them to conserve space and bandwidth for my Comcast account... Jabo's Direct3D6 plugin was used. The framerate also stayed consistent in both games. I love emulation! Be patient, the...
  6. nick_danger

    Hi, new to 1964 and the forum

    I've been using PJ64 for a long time, but I had read that 1964 was a sort of successor to PJ's greatness... Anyway, I can't get any sound to work in 1964, but then I've only been trying Jabo's DirectSound 1.5 (which worked the best for me on PJ64). Does Jabo's just not work with anything other...