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    Extracting Metal Gear Solid models

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a program that would allow me to extract the models from Metal Gear Solid 1 in to a format readable by 3ds Max? If not, do I use a OpenGL Ripper or 3D Ripper DX Ripper for ePSXe?
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    Extracting models

    Hey, I want to extract some models from Starfox Adventures, but seeing as the game is not compatible with Dolphin I can't use the DXReaper to get them. I looked through the ISO and found these files: MODELIND.bin MODELS.bin I'm pretty sure that's where the models are stored, I just...
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    My Specs

    Ok, I have an intel Pentium 4 Processor, 512 mb of RAM, and a ATI RADEON X1300 512mb gfx card. What do I need to upgrade in order to get decent fps? (decent as in more then 3.81)
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    Are there any GBA emulators that allow you to play multiplayer over the internet? I wanna play 4 swords with a friend of mine but we live in different states...
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    Starfox Assault model viewer

    Hello, I would like to request a model viewer/extractor for Starfox Assault. I have absolutly no experiance with any programming language or with Gamecube files, otherwise I would try and make it my self. If it helps, the files types used in the Starfox Assault ISO are: .dat .dsp .efb .fpc...
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    Twas wondering, is it possible to extract models from gamecube iso's using dolphin? If not, through some other program?