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    NeonDS 0.1.1 Released!

    OMG! AWESOME! Link & Download: edit: I just ran SM64DS and it runs pretty fast! edit2: SM64DS seems to be playable! :) BUT, Save type 256K is not supported for some reason, so I can't test Mario Kart DS...
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    DualiS v20.4

    I almost screamed when I saw these news. Site @
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    Anyone up to crack the NDS model system?

    THREAD EDITED. BTW, if this kind of thread isn't allowed just let me know.
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    Normatt's DeSmuMe going to run MPH Demo soon?

    I got ingame by clicking at where the buttons where supposed to be. Normatt said that the new version will have simple 3D support. Do you think we will be able to walk around? I was shooting in black and killed some enemies :D
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    Where can I find GCM Tool, interface edition?

    I can't find it, where is it?
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    Metroid: Source for GMOD-HL2.

    We're currently working on a Garry's Mod gamemode. It will be... Metroid, of course! Features: Fight other players, Ing Possesed NPC's and Metroids with Samus's original arm cannon! Full 3D models of Samus and Metroids! Metroid-like maps! Morphball Mode! Suits (and morphballs) like...