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    MAME v0.250 released!

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    2022-11-04 Recent Releases

    Sweet! :P
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    Cemu v2.0-8 released!

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    Happy new year 2021 !

    Happy new year!
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    Emulator programming

    No suggestions? I want to create my first emulator before x-mas.
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    Majora's Mask N64HD Project Completed!

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    Majora's Mask N64HD Project Completed!

    Sweet! :P
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    Emulator programming

    Hi, where to start? What language to learn?
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    NXEmu - very early stage switch emulator

    Is it just me that loves developer blogs?
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    N64 (US) is 25!

    I bought the console for Golden Eye 007 and Super Mario 64! Memories! :p I also remember using UltraHLE!
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    The Weekend Thread

    I am thinking about getting a Switch and Zelda. Is it worth it?
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    Majora's Mask N64HD Project Completed!

    Sweet! :P
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    New Forum Software!

    The new software is sweet!
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    Welcome to the new site

    I like the light theme!
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    I-pac2 and Retropie 4.3

    I've a raspberry pie 3 b and an i-pac2. How should I go about enabling player 2 support in retropie 4.3?
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    Off to Maui!

    Summer, holiday and vacation from holiday! :P I'm off to Maui tomorrow to surf/windsurf and hopefully have a sweet summer. Any maui people on emu64/emutalk? Any suggenstions on things to see? Not see? :P