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    Project Tempest to soon support AvsP

    Alien Versus Predator is apparently working in a yet unreleased project tempest. For anyone following project tempest closely, this should be nice news. Here's a screenie:
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    UltraHLE 2.0 Questions and Suggestions.

    I thought that since the UltraHLE 2.0 thread got closed, a thread should be started for this. Please post suggestions and questions. Try not to be too critical of what others have to say, and please remember, The team : _aprentice_, Mcleod, Hacktarux, PsYKo, RatTrap, Tb, Quvack, and DominaTor...
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    What happened to Cooliscool?

    I was just wondering... Is he banned or something?
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    Quake 3 Pak file problem

    Ok Here's the problem: I'm trying to replace some files in the pak0.pk3 file... Namely the level music, but every time I recompress the files, I get this error:
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    Windows XP Media Center Edition: Freestyle : BETA Leaked
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    Post your fake, or not so fake longhorn shots here Looks sort of real...
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    Daemon Tools 3.23

    A new version of the great CD emulation software DAEMON TOOLS was released yesterday. Just in case you haven't heard: MDS files: Neverwinter Nights© Eng (english version with Patch 1.21 or higher) Neverwinter Nights© Ger (german version with Patch 1.21 or higher) Industry Giant 2© (english...
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    How's the weather where you are?

    I figured since there's a "post a screenie of your desktop" thread, and a "where are you posting from," why not post about the weather. Right now, It's rainy as hell and cold. *forgot to add dark... it's 3 am here.*
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    New Condoms!!!

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    Post your sig images here...

    If it's ok with the Admin... I think It'd be a good idea to have a place to upload images to put in our sigs.. Just upload them here then use html to link to them: <img src=""> Please don't be stupid... Try to keep your images below 30k and less than 400pixels...
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    Satourne w/Dynamic Recompile

    saw it over at
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    Good Tools Question...

    Does Good Tools, when renaming files, rename the extension to the correct one also?
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    How to load .bin's in Tempest?

    I don't know what to put in for Start and Download addresses!!! Can anyone help? (I'm working on a compatibility list :))
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    Project Tempest 0.12!!!

    Get it here:
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    Favorite IM Program?

    I'm not sure if this is Waaay Off-Topic or Tech talk, so I decided I'd put it in Waaay Off just to be safe :) I use Trillian and was wondering what other's use.. <a href="">Trillian</a> <br> <a href="">Odigo</a><br> <a...