A number of you may remember I had a chance to check out the way the game operates on consoles earlier this year at PAX West on the Xbox One and everything I said in the time is true for the Playstation version too. Utilizing a controller definitely gives battle in Tera a bit of a Dark Souls vibe. I took on a number of beasts, such as a massive living rock monster coincidentally known as a Teralith which didn't want to tera gold die. Combos are implemented by striking a standard attack then figuring out which ability to follow up with using a collection of timed strikes from a single origin. Players will also receive a chance to earn their own custom combos in a post-launch characteristic.

Menus and user interfaces will also be getting an overhaul for easier console use. All items have been split into their own submenus for easy navigating. And gamers will also get a new fast access radial menu that they can slot whatever they're in. So if you require extra potions or buffs or anything else you can imagine that isn't already in the main skill sets. There's also a new quick chat pad coming with a list of fundamental communications for players that wish to leave their mics off.

Right now there aren't any definite plans to offer up anything unique to both the XB1 and PS4 versions of Tera, but it hasn't yet been ruled from the dev team. At the moment they are more focusing on the technical elements, for example they have now got the game running at 30fps around the PS4. But is seems like they're committing to making the experience feel like more than just a port, but instead something that feels native when played with a control on a console. You can expect to see Tera launch for systems at Q1 of 2018. We'll be certain that you're current on everything as we get nearer to launch.

TERA is set to launch this year as one of the greatest MMO's accessible on console. In 2013, it received a full revamp and switched to free to perform . The game's standout feature is its full real-time combat, and that seems like an obvious fit for consoles, and what happened long? It all began in 2013, just before the game's complete F2P launch.

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I'm conscious , I was being sarcastic. Obviously WoW is better than BDO. . It's literally the most prosperous MMO ever created. That is the point I was trying to create. It also does not actually make sense to add WoW into the discussion since it will never be available on Xbox.