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    Majora's Mask N64HD Project

    WIP Download- 6/3/19-

    Download all parts in the same directory, then use 7-zip to extract from the 001 file (the other parts will extract automatically, do not try to extract directly from 002 or 003)

    HTC version for the fastest setup (place HTC file in project64 2.3\plugin\GFX\cache):
    Part one
    Part two
    Part three


    PNG version (not recommended due to extra steps, only try if the HTC version doesn't work):
    Part one
    Part two

    This is a new GlideN64 texture pack I'm working on with the goal of faithfully updating the original game to serve as an alternative to Majora's Mask 3D for those who prefer the old gameplay. Here's a video overview followed by some more information:

    None of the textures are necessarily final- here is the road map for the pack:

    Environmental textures- I plan to finish all of the areas of the game by fall of this year

    Character textures and model edits- I'll attempt to do some model editing to increase poly counts and remap the textures to allow for more detail. I'm not sure whether it will be possible to do anything drastic, but hopefully I'll be able to improve the main character models.

    Second pass- Once every texture and character been addressed, I'll go through the game again and replace any textures that I feel could be improved (pretty much everything currently using a photo is likely to be hand drawn)

    The screenshots above were using reshade in order to add ambient occlusion to the game; this greatly enhances the visuals, but comes at the cost of disabling framebuffer emulation and giving up some cutscenes. Hopefully in the future it may be possible to find a way around this, but if anyone is interested in trying it I've included instructions in the download above.

    Thanks for looking, and be sure to let me know what you think. Any criticism is welcome
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