Hey everyone,

I've run into an odd issue with Glide64mk2 where the ground (and sometimes walls) appears to be shaking at certain moments. I had the same problem when I used this emulator with Linux Mint a year ago. See the below recording for a small example of what I'm talking about. So far it's occurred in Super Mario 64, Star Fox 64, and Majora's Mask.


I tried changing various settings in the config file, including texture filtering, FBO, and polygon offset, but nothing seemed to have any effect on the ground shaking problem. I didn't touch the more technical-sounding settings, because I couldn't begin to understand what they were or what they did.

I was interested in trying out some of the third party plugins that don't come with the bundle download, including the z64 video plugin and cxd4 RSP. The problem is that on the download page (https://code.google.com/archive/p/mu...tyPlugins.wiki), these are only given in uncompiled form. I'm not a programmer, and while I attempted to compile things once or twice on Linux, it was usually a disaster. I'd really like to avoid it if I can, so I searched around for pre-compiled versions, and what I found was this: https://bitbucket.org/ecsv/mupen64pl...daily/overview. I extracted that folder and moved the mupen64plus-video-arachnoid.dll and mupen64plus-rsp-cxd4.dll files to my Mupen64Plus directory, but the emulator didn't seem to recognize them. Attempting to use the Arachnoid plugin just made the emulator default to Glide64mk2, and cxd4 didn't seem to have any effect, which makes me think it, too, defaulted back to the HLE RSP. Not to mention, the z64 video plugin was missing entirely, though the z64 RSP was present. I also tried just running that build of Mupen64Plus with all its plugins, but it gave me errors when it tried to launch a game, and I decided that was a new headache I didn't want.

I saw the guide on the wiki about compiling on Windows, but a few questions have made me hesitant to try it. Why Visual Studio 2013? Do I need to hunt down this specific older version of Visual Studio, or will one of the ones from here (https://www.visualstudio.com/downloa...sual-studio-vs) work, and if so, Community, Enterprise, or Code? Can I build just the plugins I want to add to my existing installation, or do I need to build the entire emulator with the plugins I want?

So, I guess, in all, I have two questions:

1. What in the world is going on with the shaking ground with Glide64mk2?

2. How do you add third party plugins to Mupen64Plus without compiling, or if I must compile, can anyone give me an idiot's rundown on how to do so?

Thank you