I've transferred the Ogre Battle 64 rom from my pc to my phone along with the native Ogre Battle 64.sra save file (in the mupen64plus/Slotsaves folder), but when I start the game, the ROM doesn't see any save files at all.

I also tried copying it to every other folder in the mupen64 folder to no avail.

However i remembered that Ogre Battle required a controller pak to save so that may explain it. But where is the save folder for the emulated controller pak? If i start a new game and save, I can see it ingame but i can't find the actual save file in my file explorer.

Any ideas? Thanks

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Ok after some digging ive noticed there is a .sra file that created itself in the slotsaves folder wheb i tried creating a new game. I'll try renaming my old save from my pc with the same filename as this one...might fix this on my own if im lucky

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Well nevermibd, i just fixed it by renaming. Now I feel like an idiot . I probably just needed to discuss what I tried to figure out what I did wrong

Problem fixed