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    Mupecan64 - Cycle accurate emulator in development

    Category: Nintendo 64

    Hacktarux let us know a while back he had began work on cycle accurate N64 emulation in his new project temporarily known as Mupecan64, where "ca" stands for cycle accurate.

    Today he posted a new video of the emulator running Pong by osman, check it out at EmuTalk. Keep in mind the emulator is in early stages.

    It has been a long time since i posted about this but there was a lot of cache emulation problems that slowed me down. Anyway, here is a video of the accurate emulator running pong. It means: pif and standard controller emulation with some timing approximation (we can probably do better once the guys from will have the pif and cic reversed) and some improvement to r4300 data cache emulation.

    :: Mupecan64 - On the road of accuracy
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    Great to see N64 emulation getting some love!

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