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Issue 87 of Retro Gamer should be hitting those store shelves right about now. Itís a Nintendo 64 special issue, with the 64-bit console gracing the front cover and featuring in The Collectorís Guide to the N64 article. Other highlights in the issue include Hail to the Duke (article on the Duke series past and present with Scott Miller and Randy Pitchford), The Making of Jet Set Willy II, The History of Shadow of the Beast (with creator Martin Edmondson), In the Chair with Al Lowe, The Making of the Lotus trilogy, all the usual regulars and lots more. Thereís also a video preview of the issue at Darran Jonesí YouTube page. Retro Gamer is a UK dedicated retrogaming magazine, but with all the available ways to purchase the magazine (newsagents, online at the Imagine eShop or digital versions from iTunes), thereís no excuse to pick it up from anywhere around the world.
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