Stacy Curtis (born 1971) is an American cartoonist, illustrator and printmaker, who is also the inker of Richard Thompson's comic strip Cul de Sac.[1][2]

Curtis and his twin brother grew up in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where the young Stacy dreamed of working on a comic strip. He recalled, "As a kid, I would read the comics in the newspaper every single day. In elementary school, I drew Snoopy, Garfield, Popeye and other comic strip characters on classmates' folders for money." During his senior year in high school, Curtis began drawing editorial cartoons for the school newspaper and soon moved on to do editorial cartoons for Bowling Green's Daily News during his first year studying graphic design at Western Kentucky University.[1][3]

At the same time, he started doing illustrations for Western Kentucky University's student newspaper, the College Heights Herald, and he continued to draw editorial cartoons for both papers while staying in college for the next six years:

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