View Full Version : How to Fix Project64k 0.13

May 19th, 2010, 00:33
Projec64k 0.13 is just Project64 1.4's source code added with Kaillera. Thats why there are so many bugs compared to project64 1.6 and 1.7. Example is the Gameshark menu you have to add every Address and value instead of just copy and pasting onto 1 part. Also the Graphics and Audio plugin are set to a Default. I have done many hacks of Project64k. One of my biggest was Project64X which is just Project64 default plugins changed to AziAudio.dll sense it has no delay sound and to Jabo 8 instead of 7. No, Thats not just renaming plugins which cause ds online. So, heres a way to "fix" the emulator up to be a little bit more updated.

Note, You will need a Hex editor program.

1. Open Pj64k in hex editor
2. "find" then type Audio.dll
3. Download you're favorite audio plugin
4. Rename it to that audio plugin, if it goes past the character count the original was just rename the plugin .dll to fit it.
5. do the same thing but with Jabo now.

Now go play.

Project64X hacked version of Project64k to work for Windows 7 and vista (also XP of course)