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April 20th, 2002, 22:25

anyone who can tell me how to create ROMs from a N64 cartridge? Must be very difficult.

April 20th, 2002, 22:35
u should post this in the general n64 emulation forum. dont worry, it will be moved eventually :/ . if u r talking about rom dumpiing, u need a special device (i think called Doctor64, or something like that) which sits on ur n64 and is plugged into ur pc. then u can dump ur roms.

April 20th, 2002, 22:39
Some interesting links.. Posted by flow

The first link is http://www.slaanesh79.org/. It's got some very interesting reviews and articles on N64 hardware, as well as lots of box art, hardware revies, AND N64 DD facts and summaries of games for it. Along with that, it has information for each game, including the save type, which i'm sure will be useful to INI developers ;)

The second link, and probably more geared toward the developer, is the {sensored} It has some great reviews for backup units, and more importantly, PSY-Q Docs, N64 Dev Kit, libultra headers, N64 Function Reference Guide, and Introductory Programming Guide.

April 22nd, 2002, 00:13
Um this should not have been moved, it should have been locked.

The Khan Artist
April 22nd, 2002, 04:46
Originally posted by Eagle
Um this should not have been moved, it should have been locked.

Why? He asked how to extract them from the carts. That implies he actually owns them.

April 25th, 2002, 12:03
there are plenty of ways to download those roms that you own, and that is faster/easier. it may not be as legal, but if you own said roms, then who's gonna get you for it? making a digital backup of your roms is legal afaik.

if you need more specific help, you can email me rhy@hotmail.com

i'll show you the fastest easiest way to back up the roms that you already own on cart.


April 26th, 2002, 01:57
Thanks, but it was just a question. I do have many ROMs... I only asked myself, how to make one...
Not so important.

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